Forbes names three Atlanta businesses to “America’s Best Small Companies” list

3 Atlanta Companie Make Forbes' List of 25 Best Small Businesses in America

Choosing to be great–instead of big–landed three Atlanta-based companies a spot on Forbes’ first-ever list of 25 Best Small Companies in America.

“Growth is good, but the leaders of these companies have had other, non-financial priorities as well, such as being great at what they do, creating great places to work, providing great service to customers, making great contributions to their communities and finding great ways to lead their lives,” according to Forbes.

Atlanta’s small business giants that made the list are Afterburner, a military-driven business management consulting firm; ENT Institute, a 17-location medical business for ear, nose and throat treatment; and grocery delivery service pioneer

To make the list, the companies had to meet a long list of criteria. Every business must be privately owned and “closely held,” meaning employees and top leaders must work together on a regular basis. Also, the businesses must have been recognized both as outstanding by insiders in their respective industries and for societal and community contributions, as well as have a proven focus on “being great” rather than overall company growth and have maintained financial health for a minimum of 10 years.

Finally, the companies were ranked on their charisma and mojo. “When a leader has charisma, you want to follow him or her. When a company has mojo, you want to be connected with it,” the article says.

Click her for Forbes’ complete list of 25 Best Small Companies in America.


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