Atlanta: Third Best City in the U.S. by Movoto

Recently Atlanta ranked third on MSN’s list of the 10 Best Cities in the US. From MSN:

“As you can see, Atlanta performed extremely well, placing first in four categories, second in two, and third in another two. That means it placed in the top three for more than half of the available categories. It also placed first on our Top 10 Cities for Gamers ranking, but that wasn’t included in this ranking due to the fact that it only covered 30 metros in total.

This trend of Atlanta excelling actually led to some joking here at the Movoto office, as we were convinced for a time that the city was going to place first on every ranking we did. Thankfully, the metro exhibited some Southern hospitality and let some other cities shine — at least some of the time. Portland is thankful for that, we imagine.”

Movoto decided to take the Big Deal Scores from 15 of its top 10 cities lists published in 2013 — everything from Best Cities for Homebuyers to Funniest Cities — and average them out to produce an overall score for each city for the entire year. More specifically, it focused on a starting list of the 50 most populous cities in the country based on official 2010 Census figures.


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