Georgia’s Top Cities to Start a Business!

Georgia’s cities are turning profitable!
It’s no secret that Georgia is one of the top states for
starting a business, but what about when it comes to the individual cities?
Atlanta and Savannah make the list when it comes to the big
cities, but suburbs and smaller cities have the most profitable businesses.
They take up six places in the top 10!
Here are the cities that make the list:
Located 10 minutes from downtown Atlanta,
35 percent of this city’s business has paid employees. With Vinings’ competing
unemployment rate of 2.5 percent, they are home to over 1,700 businesses. One
of the big name businesses includes Home Depot and the restaurant that was
named ‘Business of the Year’ in 2014 by the Vinings Business Association,
Social Vinings.
Even though it has more business per 100
people than the other cities on this list, it has almost as many businesses as
residents. It’s one of the smallest cities on the list, but these businesses benefit
from the transportation and technology infrastructure. They even have a Small
Business Service Center that coaches and gives supportive discussions to help
local business owners start and grow.
University of West Georgia offers free
consulting services at their Small Business Development Center. The Burson
Center provides help to get startups off the ground. There are around 2,550
businesses in the city, and the average revenue per business is over $3.6
million, and this makes it one of the more profitable cities in the state for
business owners.
With three highways and railways coming in
from six different directions, transportation obviously plays a huge role in
this city’s economy. It is home to over 1,300 businesses and almost 40 percent
of them have paid employees.
Because of Alpharetta’s 60,000 residents,
it’s the largest city on the list. Their almost 9,000 businesses average over
$6.9 million in revenue each year. Thanks to Georgia 400, the city has had a
huge economic boost.
Downtown in this city is one of the largest
in the state and has an average revenue per business of $3,277,773. To help grow
its city center and the 300 businesses that it’s home to, the city invested $7 million.
With over 3,500 businesses, over 40 percent of their employees are paid.
In this city, people that want to start a
business have options such as free monitoring and workshops though Score
Atlanta. Businesses here can earn things such as $3,500 per job tax credit, and
this city has a high concentration of businesses with 30 businesses per residents.
This city’s average revenue per business is
$5,361,780, right after Alpharetta. It does help that the city is fairly close
to Atlanta, major transportation routes and two large airports. The city is even
redeveloping a former General Motors plant into a business and community center
along with a movie studio.
9.      Garden City
Located in Chatham County, this city is
part of the state’s coastal region. Georgia Ports Authority is based here,
allowing the city’s shipping terminal to be one of the busiest container ports
in the US. The average revenue for this city is over $216 million, and around 43
percent of the businesses have paid employees.

Wayne County, the county seat of Jesup, was
deemed an “Entrepreneur Friendly Community” by Georgia. Almost 45 percent of
businesses in this city have employees on their payroll, making it the highest
percentage of cities in this study. 
Here’s the complete list!

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