Majority of Atlanta Homes are Within Reach of Middle Class

Where can the middle class afford to buy a home today?

This question was posed by Jed Kolko, a chief economist with Trulia who leads the company’s housing research and provides insight on market trends, in an article detailing where in the United States people of the middle class can find affordable homes.

He notes that although homeownership is relatively affordable compared to the long-term past, many middle class families will have a hard time finding a home in larger cities and coastal markets—particularly in California, as seven of Trulia’s top 10 least affordable housing markets for the middle class are in this west coast state.

While this may be bad news for those looking to head out west, it’s great news for Atlanta, where Trulia’s middle-class affordability report states that 72 percent of for-sale homes are within reach of the middle class.

You can read Kolko’s story for more information on other cities throughout the country, but we’re happy to report that Atlanta remains one of the most affordable cities in the U.S.


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