New Service Helps Deaf Employees

There’s been a huge improvement in accommodating deaf
A program analysis master planning branch chief for Defense
Logistics Agency Energy, Debra Simpson, is trying her best to get a tablet- and
desktop-based remote explanatory service for deaf employee executed. At one
touch of a button, a sign-language appears for a live video chat.

Simpson got the idea because of three astounding deaf
employees that had a bit of a communication barrier between their success and
achievement. She wasn’t always able to communicate with them and wanted to be
able to give them the guidance they rightfully deserved. It saves her time and
greatly helps the employees!
At the implementation of this, deaf employees get
opportunities that they didn’t have before, and it excites them. They now have
the ability to communicate all throughout the workplace, and the system is
working well for them.
Simpson had to work with a lot of people to get this system
implemented. She worked with DLA Finance Director Tony Poleo, Richie Busigo,
and Deputy Director of DLA Information Operations Robert Foster. They even
discovered a Defense Department-funded federal video relay contract that would offer
the service at no cost.
This service is opening up doors for both the deaf employees
and the employers. People are able to
meet deadlines quicker and provide information to other employees. People that
have never had to experience life with a disability can confuse it with other
things sometimes such as intellect.

Simpson hopes to provide tablets to all 120 to 140 deaf
employees. In addition to the employees, she wants those employees, their
supervisors, teammates and everyone that they communicate with regularly to
install a desktop-based application.
They’re one step closer to accomplishing Goal Area 2 of the
DLA Strategic Plan that aims to “hire, develop and retain a high-performing,
valued, resilient and accountable workforce that delivers sustained mission

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