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Suburban life comes at a premium in Douglas County, which is just 20 minutes away from Downtown Atlanta. With the lowest property taxes in the Atlanta metro area and an energetic business environment to boot, Douglas is an ideal place to work and live. The area’s biggest employers include Walmart, Kroger, American Red Cross, Benton-Georgia and Sam’s Club, and openings of new office parks and spaces within the area, as well as the emergence of businesses like Turano Baking Co., bring extra life to the area’s work force.

The county prides itself on its devotion to recycling and maintaining an eco-conscious image, which shines through in local parks and nature centers. Sweetwater Creek State Conservation Park, for instance, boasts the state’s most environmentally sound building, while the Clinton Nature Preserve with an authentic pre-Civil War log cabin, protects 200 acres of natural vegetation and wildlife. When locals aren’t exploring nature trails or swimming at the Boundary Waters Aquatic Center within the recently constructed 500-acre Boundary Waters Recreational Complex, they’re busy dining, shopping or attending a performance at one of several local venues. Jocada Museum is the ideal spot for jazz devotees and O’Neal Plaza offers a host of artistic and literary opportunities.

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