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Scenic Lumpkin finds a natural respite from the skyscrapers and indoor pastimes that characterize Downtown Atlanta. At the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a third of Lumpkin county rests within the flourishing Chattahoochee National Forest. With the perfect environment for a weekend respite, a good long walk, or a colorful festival (such as Gold Rush Days, The Mountain Flower Art Festival and The Bear on the Square Festival) and a variety of bed and breakfasts, shops, and restaurants to indulge in, Lumpkin sees tourism as its main source of income with agriculture coming in second.

Sitting in wine country, Lumpkin is home to six major wineries including Frogtown Cellars and Three Sisters, bringing in additional revenue for the county and a claim to fame (Wolf Mountain Vineyards is Georgia’s first ever gold medalist at the San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles International Wine Competitions).

Meanwhile, educational opportunities abound. North Georgia College and State University finds a happy home amid the hills, while five out of five schools have earned the enviable designation as Schools of Distinction.

Business thrives in the fields of construction, manufacturing, retail and the service industries. Commuting is an added bonus of living here, with 25 to 30 percent of all white and blue-collar workers traveling just 10 to 20 minutes each day.
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