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Higher Ed Makes Atlanta Move Worth It
Inside the programs and degrees drawing out-of-state students to Atlanta

Deciding which Atlanta higher education programs to sign up for can be challenging, especially if you plan to move to the metro area  soon or just arrived in your new city. Which school is right for you? What programs will boost your career?

To find out the answers to these questions and more, we spoke with students who relocated to Atlanta or temporarily moved for specific programs in their current and future career fields to learn more about the city’s range of higher education options.

Jennifer Johnson Atlanta Higher Education Programs

Jennifer Johnson is a graduate of Kennesaw State University’s meeting and event management program in the College of Continuing and Professional Education.

Jennifer Johnson, Kennesaw State University College of Continuing and Professional Education Program Graduate

KA: What is your background?

JJ: I am 40 years old and a retired master sergeant (E7) in the U.S. Air Force, where I served as an information manager and intelligence analyst. I am married and have an almost 2-year-old daughter and 16-year-old stepdaughter. Currently, I’m working for a wedding planner in Texas.

KA: Why did you choose the Meeting and Event Management certificate program at KSU’s College of Continuing and Professional Education?

JJ: I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience in the event planning industry in Atlanta. I also wanted to attend a physical class rather than an online course. The program at KSU’s College of Continuing and Professional Education is both convenient and affordable.

KA: How will the education you received boost your career in metro Atlanta?

JJ: In the class, we worked on a case study. We had to plan a mock event, from start to finish. The lessons I learned while developing our case study have taught me how to consider several aspects of an event that I wouldn’t have considered in the past — transportation and room layouts, specifically. I plan to move to Atlanta in 2018 and start my own wedding and event planning company. I chose Atlanta because my family lives here and I have always felt like Atlanta is home.

KA: What was your favorite part of the program?

JJ: The networking aspect was my favorite part, not only with the instructors, but also with my fellow classmates. Most will be entering the event and planning industry within the next few years and by the time I move here they will be able to give me pointers.

KA: Why would you recommend this program to someone who is new to Atlanta?

JJ: I would recommend this class for someone wanting to enter the industry for the networking opportunities.

John and Crystal Folta, Life University Doctor of Chiropractic Students

John and Crystal Folta, students in Life University's doctor of chiropractic program, with their daughter.

John and Crystal Folta are students in Life University’s doctor of chiropractic program, with their daughter.

KA: Where did you relocate from and when?

CF: John and I moved across country from Bremerton, Washington. John was a nuclear engineer in the U.S. Navy and I was a chiropractic assistant.

KA: Did you move to metro Atlanta for the sole purpose of attending Life? If so, what drew you to the university?

CF: I fell in love with chiropractic working at Clark Chiropractic [in Washington] as a chiropractic assistant. I saw babies saved from getting unnecessary surgery and enjoyed the love and laughter in the office every day. When I told Dr. Stephen Clark that I wanted to become a chiropractor, he told me the place to go was Life University. I flew to Atlanta when our daughter was only 3 months old to attend Life Leadership Weekend. This opportunity gave me insight in the school, but more importantly how big chiropractic was. It showed me how much I could learn and how much the world needs what we do. I didn’t even visit other schools, I knew after three days that Life was the place for me. I waited for John’s term in the Navy to finish and we moved to Marietta. After the move, John worked as a building engineer in Atlanta and saw how much fun I was having at Life and he decided he too wanted to become a chiropractor.

KA: When are you scheduled to graduate and what are your post-graduation plans?

CF: John began school a year after I did and I modified my schedule so that we will graduate at the same time next June. We plan on opening a family-centered practice together on the East Coast. This summer, we are taking a road trip to visit potential locations in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. But we are also considering an opportunity for us to work at a practice in Amsterdam for two years and travel Europe before opening our own place in the states.

KA: What is your favorite part about being a Life student?

JF: My favorite part of being at Life is the access to the abundant amount of opportunities. Life University is one of the largest chiropractic schools and every weekend there is an array of seminars to attend and speakers to hear. You don’t get that anywhere else.

CF: My favorite part of being at Life is the community. I love that I can bring my now-5-year-old to class and everyone loves hanging out with her. It’s so common to bring children to school at Life. The fellow students are very consistent with their goals of health and healing. We all encourage each other and build each other up so that we can all meet our goals. Where else can you find that?

KA: Why would you recommend Life to someone moving to Atlanta?

CF: It is truly life changing being at this school. You find yourself surrounded by people who want to change the world in the most beautiful way, whether they are fellow students, the administration or doctors. Life University has a vision of a vitalistic health care paradigm and they are putting actions behind that vision. That is something that we can grow with and help advance as students.