Renting in Atlanta to Fit Your Lifestyle

When moving to an area as diverse as metro Atlanta, finding a place to live can quickly go from an exciting adventure to an overwhelming list of pros and cons. In many cases, it might be best to consider renting until you find that perfect place to call home. Atlanta is a city of cities, and no matter what your lifestyle and home needs are, there’s an apartment, rental home or corporate housing option out there with your name on it.

Living in an apartment in Atlanta and the city’s metro areas offers the luxury of convenience to a multitude of lifestyles. The Peach City provides residents with opportunities at major corporations and Fortune 500 companies, such as The Coca-Cola Company and CNN, as well as attractions like the Georgia Aquarium and The Fox Theatre that have visitors from all over flocking to the Southeast. But the leasing lifestyle in Atlanta is about more than major attractions. The accessibility of apartments opens up a whole new level of the city that allows you to fall into your niche and discover all it has to offer, from amazing restaurants and historic sites to local shops and hotspots.

Atlanta has ever-evolving areas to be explored, and in Atlanta, every neighborhood has its own gems to discover, from parks and art communities to thriving local businesses and restaurants for every cuisine imaginable. Apartment complexes in any of the Intown neighborhoods are often easily accessible via public transit, so no matter which one best fits your lifestyle, you’re sure to be where the action is. The city cultures outside I-285 are as diverse and unique as those within, each with their own distinct attractions and personalities.

The leasing lifestyle benefits any relocators looking for a lower-cost option than home or condo buying, less maintenance and more options where location is concerned. As most homeowners know, owning a house can be a full-time job; to-do lists of small tasks around the house from painting a trim to updating plumbing can be daunting and expensive. Apartments allow for more time to explore all your new surroundings have to offer, so you can spend your weekends hiking Stone Mountain, shopping in the Marietta Square or wandering around Midtown instead of repairing the roof or cleaning the gutters.

“Resource Residential believes that Atlanta is a viable rental market due to do its convenient location to many businesses in high-growth industries, dining, entertainment and shopping establishments and a strong employment growth outlook,” says Carmen Jeffrey, marketing manager. “Our newly acquired apartment homes in the Perimeter and John’s Creek areas offer resort-style amenities, interior upgrades and modern conveniences found at many newer communities and all at a great value compared to many of the newer developed properties.”

With a renewed focus on community and ease of access, many apartment complexes in and outside of I-285 simplify a move to the big city by accommodating residents with everything from worry-free parking and security, to on-site fitness centers, laundry facilities, dog parks and pools. This takes away the energy required to fulfill these needs elsewhere in the city, which can be a significant stress relief when settling into a new location, job and home.

In the metro area, rental homes have become increasingly popular for relocators with children, pets or anyone who just requires extra space. The appeal of a backyard for children or dogs to run off their energy during the day is often unmatched by what many apartment complexes can offer. Cosmetic changes, upgrades and repair are also often easier to complete in rental homes than apartments. The options for leasing a home are endless; whether you need a humble single-bedroom home or a five-bedroom abode for an entire family, you’re sure to find a space that matches your needs. Since Atlanta is a sprawling metropolis, you’re always near both big city and suburban living, no matter which best fits your home lifestyle.

With a rental home, you’ll often find all the living space and privacy you’re looking for at a price more reasonable than some Intown apartments. Many homes in communities with homeowners’ associations help ensure a beautified neighborhood, community support and plenty of homeowner resources, as well as little-to-no pet restrictions or fees, unlike with apartment complexes. Leasing-to-own a rental home is also a great return on investment and an option many in the Atlanta area take advantage of.

As with all rental properties, do your research regarding your future landlord and also the area in which you’re hoping to rent. Proximity to work, schools and various attractions and resources are often the biggest concern for relocators. One great resource for finding the perfect metro area rental home is within our county and cities page, which includes descriptions of the Intown neighborhoods and all the cities in Atlanta’s nearby counties, narrowing down an ideal area for your family will become less of a project.

As more people relocate to this area, corporate housing, which provides the opportunity to temporarily move into a home before more permanent arrangements can be made, is becoming a more popular option throughout the metro area. One of the most important benefits of corporate housing is that it gives you and your family the time and flexibility you need to find the right house or apartment. It also allows residents to live in an area that interests them before they lock themselves into purchasing a home, as learning the layout and communities of a new city may take some time.

Metro Atlanta has a wide range of corporate housing options, including high-rise apartments, townhouses and single-family homes that fit virtually any budget, and TP Corporate is one of many companies that is keeping up with the accompanied demand by providing clients access to the best properties Atlanta has to offer. “Never before has Atlanta had such upscale high-rise communities to offer, with the latest technology and 24/7 concierge desks,” says Tim Miller, president of TP Corporate. Ultimately, corporate housing can serve a variety of relocators, so if you are wary about making an important, long-term housing decision before becoming fully knowledgeable about your new city, take advantage of metro Atlanta’s corporate housing options while you find the neighborhood that fits your needs.