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Why Real Estate Pros Think Atlanta is a Great Place to Relocate

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Compared to other large metropolitan areas, Atlanta is unique in that the resale market, as well as new home market, continue to thrive and is positioned to do very well in 2017.

“Atlanta is an excellent relocation choice due to great schools, job growth and various housing options for all price points,” says Lane L. McCormack, SVP and managing broker with Harry Norman’s Cobb County-Marietta office and 2016 president of the Atlanta Realtors Association.

She has worked in the real estate industry since 1998 and says the association provides training for its realtor members to assist relocation clients. McCormack says “location, location, location” is key to real estate and why she believes the metro Atlanta real estate market is doing well. “Resale markets do well when a commute is reasonable, pricing is right, schools excel and amenities are available,” she says, adding that the real estate market will continue to improve as companies choose Atlanta as their new home or industries expand. “We will continue to see a strong housing market. Rates remain at an all-time low, builders are continuing to come back and housing is thriving! … Overall, Atlanta is positioned to do very well in 2017.”

Why Relocate to Atlanta?

Tina Huber, an associate broker with Exclusive Relocation of Atlanta Inc., says Atlanta is unique compared to other large cities in several ways.

“Atlanta offers four mild seasons, as well as easy access to warm beaches and cool mountains just a few hours’ drive away. The city of Atlanta is rich in the arts, hosting exciting theaters, art museums, concert venues, comedy clubs and sports arenas,” she says. “If you are one that likes to escape to the great outdoors, the Chattahoochee River offers some of the best fishing, kayaking, wildlife and walking trails in the Southeast.”

Huber adds that Atlanta provides a business-friendly environment with reasonable land prices and tax advantages.

“These factors are what continue to drive the Atlanta housing market, Huber continues. “The ‘Hotlanta’ city life with unique older homes and no fuss, no maintenance condos, and the newer suburban single-family homes with large yards allow your green thumb to flourish,” she says. “Approximately 100,000 people relocate to Atlanta each year. With Atlanta’s excellent public school system and the large influx of people, the housing market has continued to grow.”

She goes on to say that there are more buyers than sellers, which keep home prices strong. “Homes have increased in value year after year due to supply and demand. As a result of this need, the market has encouraged single-family home developers to build new communities to provide for the housing needs. Anyone relocating to Atlanta will have many options for the environment they find most comfortable to live.”