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Choosing a gas marketer

Due to natural gas deregulation in Georgia, consumers can buy natural gas from a variety of marketers. Choose a marketer that best fits your needs and remember these tips:

  • Read all of the materials provided by the marketer;
  • Ask questions about services the marketer provides;
  • Ask about pricing options.

You can sign up with a gas marketer by telephone, through the mail or on the Internet. You may switch gas marketers once a year at no cost. However, if you change more often, the marketer may charge up to $7.50 per change. For a complete list of gas marketers or questions about natural gas competition, call Atlanta Gas Light Company toll-free at (877) 427-2464 or visit aglc.com.

Natural Gas Campaign for Consumer Choice
As part of a new consumer education campaign, the Natural Gas Campaign for Consumer Choice has launched MyNaturalGasCoach.com. The helpful site coaches Georgians living in the Atlanta Gas Light service area on how to make an informed decision when choosing a natural gas marketer. The site offers insight into the gas marketers available, how to choose the right plan for your needs and how to save money. Visit MyNaturalGasCoach.com today to make your natural gas choice.

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