“But First, Coffee” – 6 Can’t-Miss Local Coffee Shops in Metro Atlanta

“But First, Coffee” – 6 Can’t-Miss Local Coffee Shops in Metro Atlanta

If there is one thing all walks of life can agree on, it’s love of a delicious cup of coffee. And, just like us, each coffee—and coffee shop—has its own uniqueness. Whether you need that essential first cup of the morning to get going, a midday pick-me-up, free Wi-Fi or a place to relax in an outstanding atmosphere, Atlanta has some incredible coffee spots that offer the perfect cup of joe and cozy environment. Below are six popular local coffee shops in metro Atlanta where you can grab a soul-soothing cup of black coffee, a creamy cappuccino or a shot of espresso:

  1. Taproom Coffee & Beer in Kirkwood boasts a beautiful, intimate space for conversation, study and relaxation. Aside from the inviting atmosphere, this java spot consists of a nice selection of coffee plus seven to ten craft beers on tap. Perhaps the primary feature that makes this coffee shop so incredible is the fact that the coffee is from a local roaster and coffee shop, East Pole Coffee Company, which was named the Best Coffee in Georgia by Food & Wine. Many of the draft beers are also sourced locally, with selections featuring Atlanta and Georgia breweries, while the pastries and other food items are fresh from another Atlanta-based vendor, H&F Bread Co.
  2. Refuge Coffee, located just east of the perimeter in the small city of Clarkston, is all about neighbors helping neighbors. While great coffee drinks are always on the menu here, this non-profit coffee shop has made it their mission to provide a safe space for the city’s large refugee community, as well as providing jobs and job training. Coffee is served from one of the shop’s trucks parked outside of a 1960s service station.

    [caption id="attachment_11822" align="alignright" width="401"]Octane Coffee Bar Westside Photo courtesy of Octane Coffee Bar[/caption]

  3. Many Atlanta coffee enthusiasts will agree that Octane Coffee deserves a top spot on any ‘Atlanta coffee shops’ list. While Octane has multiple locations, each and every spot puts the time, effort and craft into giving their customers the best coffee experience. Everything is locally made, from the beans roasted next door to the local dairy farms that supply their milk. Whether you’re a plain jane, white lightning or load-it-up kind of person, Octane is sure to satisfy your cravings.
  4. Located in Smyrna, Rev Coffee Roasters is known for naming its coffee blends after local landmarks like the Silver Comet Trail, and it takes great pride in being part of a loyal community of coffee addicts. Aside from their Smyrna location, other local shops, such as Sessions Stand in Marietta, sell coffee and espresso drinks made with beans from Rev.
  5. Restaurants and breweries in Atlanta are known for adding a little extra spice to their space, and coffee shops in Atlanta are no different. Hodgepodge Coffee in East Atlanta Village lives up to its name and matches the community in which it sits with the coolest and eclectic yet laid-back vibe. What separates Hodgepodge from other coffee shops in the city is their curated art gallery and merchandise by Root City Atlanta. When it comes to coffee, they serve signature drips with some of the smoothest Batdorf & Bronson coffee and bake delicious, fresh treats such as cheddar biscuits and their famous chocolate chip and banana bread.
  6. [caption id="attachment_11830" align="alignleft" width="398"]BRASH Coffee at Atlanta History Center Photo courtesy of BRASH Coffee[/caption]

    At the beginning of 2018, Westside’s BRASH Coffee Roasters officially opened its second location in Buckhead with a new cozy interior but the same delicious product as the original West Midtown location. BRASH works directly with coffee farmers in El Salvador to source beans as fairly and ethically as possible. BRASH offers coffee drinkers everything from pour-overs to drip, as well as selections from local bakeries.

The local places listed above are just a small sampling of the amazing coffee shops found throughout metro Atlanta. There are still many other must-try spots such as Land of A Thousand Hills in North Fulton, Inman Perk Coffee and ParkGrounds located Intown and Boba Mocha  stationed in Gwinnett. What’s your favorite coffee shop? Visit us on Facebook to comment and let us know!

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