Incubator Spaces Fuel Young Entrepreneurs

Incubator Spaces Fuel Young Entrepreneurs

Atlanta is on the rise. Named the third best city for young entrepreneurs by Forbes, Atlanta has 10 businesses per 100 residents and more than 700 start-up companies. This hustling-and-bustling city is filled with the kind of energy entrepreneurs need to thrive. Because of this, incubator spaces are popping up all around Atlanta and the surrounding metro areas. Incubator spaces are places where like-minded and motivated individuals can gather to foster bold new ideas and work to create the next big thing for consumers. With environments, tools and amenities specifically designed to spark creativity and feed ideas, incubator spaces are crucial for the continuation of small businesses and startup companies.

The Farm

The Farm is an innovation hub located in Atlanta at the Battery. The space includes over 12,000 square feet of space for workers and accelerator companies to utilize. This co-working space couples a collaborative work environment with office amenities to encourage innovation. The Farm also has a state-of-the-art hardware lab that includes 3D printers, laser cutters, ESD safe workbenches and materials for prototyping and testing.

Everyone works best under different conditions, and The Farm caters to them all. If you are someone who works best alone, there are quite rooms, private desks and private phone booths designed for optimum privacy and silence. For people who need to be around other like-minded creative thinkers, there are conference rooms, kitchen areas for group meetups and mobile whiteboards so you can bring the work with you. Other amenities at the Farm include Webex teleconference, complementary printing, hot desks, coffee and incredible views of SunTrust Park. For more information or details on how to apply, visit

The Circuit

The Circuit in Woodstock has over 3,000 square feet of shared workspace for the next generation of thinkers and innovators. The Circuit prides itself on being a high-end, low-cost incubator space. Designed with convenience in mind, this innovative hub resides in the heart of Woodstock allowing for a close-to-home, collaborative work environment for those living OTP. This metro Atlanta startup center offers free Wi-Fi, an inspiring design, a delicious coffee shop and a world-class space geared toward innovation and free thinking.

For young entrepreneurs and visionaries who are new to the idea of incubator spaces, The Circuit offers educational programing and collaborative partners to aid in the transition. They also provide the North Atlanta Venture Mentoring Service partnered with Entrepreneurship Day in Georgia for anyone wanting to learn more from experienced professionals and successful businessmen and women. For more information on how to become a member and reserve a seat at The Circuit in Woodstock, call 770-345-0600.

Atlanta Tech Village

Perhaps the most well-known incubator space in Atlanta, ATV was created to prevent startups from feeling lonely. Designed to foster a collaborative community, ATV wants its members to come together and produce great work, which can be done thanks to an environment that allows for faster connections between talent, ideas and capital. The Village has been part of the startup story for a myriad of different companies that are now household names, including SalesLoft and Yik Yak.

The fourth-largest tech space in the U.S. with 103,000 square feet of space, ATV offers unmatched mentorship and working space, daily opportunities to spread ideas and collaboratively solve problems, mentors and advisors to help navigate challenges, fully equipped office space, events and education to help grow connections and big ideas and deep discounts from partners such as Google and Hubspot. A variety of lease options and spaces are available, and scholarships are also available to reduce or eliminate membership fees.

Advanced Technology Development Center

Georgia’s technology incubator, ATDC at Georgia Tech has developed a global reputation for fostering technological entrepreneurship. In fact, ATDC was named to Forbes’ list of “Incubators Changing the World” in 2010 and 2013, alongside institutions such as the Palo Alto Research Center.

ATBD provides its members with a unique framework that provides curriculum, coaching, connections and community all designed to help startups succeed. To date, the program has graduated more than 170 companies, with 90 percent of ATDC companies successful after five years! With locations in Midtown at Georgia Tech, Alpharetta, Athens, Augusta, Savannah and Peachtree Corners, and programs focused on healthcare IT, software, hardware, big data, social media and more, ATDC is the biggest name in technology startups in Atlanta.