10 Packing Hacks to Simplify Your Move

10 Packing Hacks to Simplify Your Move

Whether it’s down the street or across the country, picking up and moving is no easy task. As you make your way towards the Atlanta area, be sure to pack smart to save yourself some time and hair-tearing-out once it comes time to relocate.

1. Let it Go

Before you pack anything: downsize, downsize, downsize. Take a good week or so to analyze what you have in your home, and if you really need it. Outdated outfits? Donate them. Those books piled in a corner? Take them to a resale shop. The less you have to move, the less work you have to do.

2. Size Matters

It may seem smart to find the largest boxes you can, but this could prove more back-breaking than beneficial, especially if you’re the one doing all the heavy lifting, so consider your needs before you start the packing process. All-sized boxes are readily available for purchase, but the budget-savvy mover knows to crowdsource instead of buy. Ask your local liquor store or reach out to neighbors via Facebook (even better if you have a neighborhood message board or access to the Nextdoor app) for moving boxes people are likely thrilled to have you take off their hands. And if you have adequate storage in your home, it's always great to keep original electronics and kitchen appliance boxes handy for your move - there's only one box that's a perfect fit for those items.

3. Roll Away

Save those cardboard cylinders! Not only are they recyclable, but cutting them up and securing them around rolled-up posters and prints allows you to keep delicate paper items in their original shape. Tubes will hold your posters in place much better than rubber bands that can pinch and bend the paper. You can even label the rolls with a marker to know what’s inside without having to unfurl.

4. Power Towels

Dishrags, towels and potholders are perfect to wrap and buffer your fragile dishes and cups within larger boxes.  Bath towels are also great for cushioning mirrors and glass frames. As a bubble wrap replacement, these staple items can save you packing space and spending money on the poppable stuff. 

5. Post-it Up

Use color-coordinated sticky notes to remember which box goes where and to keep tally of how many boxes you have per room. Clearly label each box with its proper destination and mark whether it's a fragile item so you and your movers (whether they're friends or pros) know what can't just be thrown around. 

6. Think Like a Russian Nesting Doll

Pack purses within purses, food storage containers within other kitchen containers, shot glasses within coffee mugs - you get the picture. Even small bags of items like push pins, nails or earrings can fit into small spaces, like a cup or a bowl.

7. It’s a (Plastic) Wrap

Corkboards pinned with photos and memories? Armoire with lots of drawers? Take a roll of saran wrap and enclose these items to prevent spillage during moving. There’s nothing worse than a pin or a drawer coming loose during a move, so secure and seal with plastic wrap. Take your silverware drawer organizer and wrap securely with plastic - no need to pack up your forks and knives!

8. News You Can Use

All those back issues of the local daily paper will come in handy, especially if you are running low on towels from tip No. 4. Wrapping items in newsprint helps prevent scratching and cracking, and balled-up paper gets rid of jostling within your boxes.

9. Bag and Tag

Use all the bags at your disposal for things that don't necessarily need to go in boxes. Suitcases, duffles, canvas bags and even your re-usable shopping bags can be used to transport your things. Towels, pillows and clothing can even be bagged in  trash bags (as long as you mark them so movers don't mistake the bags for actual trash.) Bag up complete drawers together and label them so they can simply be placed back in the drawer upon arrival. Best of all: most bags can be stored on top of boxes and help save you much-needed trunk space.

10. Take Note

Keep to-do lists to compartmentalize your packing over the weeks leading up to your move. Annotate which boxes go where, and what is in what stack to keep your head on straight while unloading in your new home. No item gets left behind when it’s been on a list that’s checked twice!