Redfin Predicts 2016 Hottest Atlanta Neighborhoods

Redfin Predicts 2016 Hottest Atlanta Neighborhoods

(Feb. 1, 2016) - Real estate listing giant anticipates the most popular neighborhoods in 2016 will be centers of affordability with great access to public transit as well as plenty of character and charm.

According to Redfin, the hot 'hoods were chosen based on information gathered from the sites' agents as well as home views and "favorites" on the website.

While no Atlanta communities landed on the national list, the top three hottest metro area neighborhoods are West End, Grant Park and Reynoldstown.

“Real estate pioneers are flocking to West End because it’s in a great location, situated on the Weside Trail with plenty of green space, parks and close proximity to the Beltline," said real estate agent Will Fasinger in a release. "People also like West End because it has beautiful, historic Queen Anne, Folk Victorian and bungalow homes with lots of character that are being restored with modern amenities.”

According to Redfin's numbers, median sales prices for West End homes at $122,000 (with 48 median days on market) are far less expensive than second-place neighborhood Grant Park at $327,000 (median 15 days on market) and Reynoldstown in third at $277,000 (median 12 days on the market.)

Are you looking for a home with character in Atlanta? What neighborhoods are you considering? Share with us in the comments.

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