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Atlanta’s 2018 Apartment and Condo Amenity Trends
Communities go above and beyond basic amenities to cater to a new urban lifestyle

The Residence Buckhead Atlanta features an outdoor lounge with a fireplace and seating area.

If you’re apartment hunting, you’ve probably done most of your research online, and noticed the standard amenities list (think: pool, gym, Wi-Fi) is covered almost everywhere. But like any new resident, you want your living experience in Atlanta to be anything but standard.

To keep up with the booming restaurant and shopping scene that’s incorporating new and unique experiences for patrons, Atlanta’s apartment communities are stepping up their game. It’s no longer a challenge to find an apartment that has a library, bicycle parking or a garden, just to name a few among a long list of once-rare features and amenities.

Lauren Stewart, community manager of The Residence Buckhead Atlanta, said her residents not only value and enjoy the upscale Buckhead location and exquisite finishes that come with this luxury community, but also the nod to amenities that matter the most to them. “The 24-hour concierge service coupled with access to the exclusive ‘Mansion’ amenity space with a theater, fitness club, boardroom, entertaining kitchen and billiards, sets the standard for luxury high-rise living in Atlanta.” Stewart said. “Not to mention the convenience of notable restaurants and shopping right outside our front door at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta.”

Whether your dream is to live within a few steps of a wine room or a couple floors up from a pet spa, you’re not alone in seeking out these quality-of-life-improving additions that make an apartment or condominium more than just a mere roof over your head. Millennials, young professionals, families and empty nesters all seem to be flocking to residences with these out-of-the box features. See which ones Atlantans love now and why you should seek them out in your next rental.

What’s Trending Now?

Certified Sustainable

More and more, people are seeking to minimize their impact on the environment. Many Atlanta apartment builders recognize this trend and have begun building new communities using recycled materials, carefully planning the design to the most of the allotted land, and constructing with an eye toward water and energy conservation.

Typically, apartment communities use a variety of third-party certification programs to verify their “green” claims — look for this information on their website or promotional materials, and ask a representative to clarify what each designation means. Do your own research to make sure the claim is verifiable and the certifying organization is respected within the green building industry.

What do green certifications mean for you? They can potentially save you money on utility bills through greater energy and water efficiency, provide an improved indoor environmental quality, and offer countless other walkability and transportation-related benefits (like bicycle zones and electric car chargers) that are all taken into consideration into these kinds of certifications. If you’re looking to live somewhere eco-conscious, keep an eye out for well-respected certifications.

Most apartment communities will list this designation prominently on their website and promotional materials, as the certification requires significant investment and is very attractive to potential residents. And keep in mind — you may pay more in rent to live in these communities, so decide whether an earth-friendly lifestyle is important to you and fits within your budget.

Smart Features

Even if you’re not going all-in for green, it’s smart — pun intended — to consider putting smart tech high on your priority list. From smart thermostats and locks to outlets and lights, these devices can all be controlled from an app on your phone. Imagine: instead of having to dig for keys in your purse, you could just hold your phone to your keyhole to lock or unlock your door.

While simplifying your life is a great perk, having remote control of your air conditioning and lights can also save you money on your utility bills. While some of these high-tech features can be found listed on an apartment’s website, some may not all be listed or may be excluded from certain properties. It’s always best to check with a community representative and to take a tour to see how this tech could fit into your everyday life.

At Artisan Station in Suwanee, there’s a designated pet wash for your furry friends.

Pet Spas

Atlanta is a very pet-friendly city, and the apartment builders know it. Many communities now have pet spas that let you wash man’s best friend without trying to fit him in your bathtub. Facilities typically include large tubs and dryers that make getting Fido clean easier than ever. Look for this feature when looking for a new home so you can spoil your pet the way they deserve.

Video Conference Rooms

You no longer have to worry about kids or pets interrupting an important business call when working from home. Many apartments in the Atlanta area now include designated rooms for videoconferencing, ensuring you won’t miss a big meeting or important call when you’re away from the office. Typical video conference rooms contain a large screen, microphone, speakers, desk and several chairs. This amenity can also be great to keep up with far-away family and friends.

Wine Rooms

Finding a wine room in an apartment complex is more common than you’d think. Instead of trying to find space for your wine cooler in your apartment, the building provides one for you that is kept at a stable temperature year-round. Wine racks and private glass lockers line the walls, and most rooms feature a bar and high-top chairs so that you can treat guests to a wine tasting without having to leave the building.

Atlantic House in Midtown offers residents access to a rooftop pool.

Finding Your Apartment

You may not be looking for all of these bells and whistles, or perhaps you’d like something more out-of-the-box in the way of amenities, like a rock climbing wall, music room or rooftop pool. Whatever your desire, in this city of 6 million people, there’s something for everyone.