Relocator Q&A: Lake Arrowhead

Relocator Q&A: Lake Arrowhead

Patrick and Kay Farrelly moved from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, in May 2016 to their new home in Lake Arrowhead, a mountain, lake and golf community about 50 miles north of Atlanta. Both retired, Patrick from a sales career and Kay from a nursing career, they decided to move down to Atlanta to live near family. The couple agreed their experience at Lake Arrowhead has been wonderful. Below, they share why they love their new life in the Cherokee County community.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity and style. 

Why did you decide to move to Lake Arrowhead?

Patrick: Our two youngest children lived and worked in Atlanta. I was looking at multiple locations throughout the country. Arizona, Nevada, anywhere that wasn’t in the state of Illinois. Kay said when we retired, she wanted to live near her children. That statement pretty much stopped any searches anywhere else but the Atlanta area. I investigated other retirement communities, but Kay said she didn’t want to live in a strictly “retirement” or “active 55+” community.

Our daughter, who works for Keller-Williams in Roswell, told me about an ad she saw in KNOWAtlanta magazine talking about new ranch homes in Lake Arrowhead. We came down, took a look and really fell in love with all it was – the large lake (we’re not boaters), championship golf course (my thing), swimming pools, parks, trails and beautiful mountain views. We felt the community was just a perfect fit for a couple of Northerners that were looking for a nice neighborhood that offered the amenities we wanted.

What type of activities have you been able to take advantage of at Lake Arrowhead?

Patrick: With the beautiful mountain views, there are multiple groups you can join or participate in: tennis clubs, book clubs, yoga, monthly trivia nights, Fourth of July fireworks, Christmas and New Year's Eve parties and new homeowner gatherings quarterly.

What is your favorite part of living in Lake Arrowhead?

Patrick: I think our favorite part about Lake Arrowhead is the people. We have formed a lot of new friendships with a very diverse group. Like us, a lot of them came from other parts of the country to be near their kids and grandkids. We live in the newest part of Lake Arrowhead, Highland Vistas, which has over 300 available building lots. I can walk to the golf course, the park and swimming pool, if I want. Though this is not a "retirement community" as we know it, most of the new residents moving here are, in fact, retired.

If you like to play golf, you won’t find a more challenging golf course anywhere in northern Georgia. I’ve played a lot of other courses, private and public, that aren’t as challenging as The Highlands Course at Lake Arrowhead. I can’t think of another course you can join and play every day, if you wish, with a cart, for $2,500 a year. I’m also very active in the MGA (Men’s Golf Association). They have 75-80 dues paying members (though not all live here). There is also an LGA (Ladies Golf Association). There are always MGA, LGA or Club Tournaments monthly, as well as, fundraising tournaments for many worthy causes. Kay has gotten involved with one of the many book clubs and is learning to play Canasta.

We felt the community was just a perfect fit for a couple of Northerners that were looking for a nice neighborhood that offered the amenities we wanted. - Patrick Farrelly, Lake Arrowhead resident

Why would you recommend this community to someone looking to relocate?

Patrick: We can’t think of a better place to relocate to than Lake Arrowhead. We’re an hour from downtown Atlanta and an hour and a half from the airport. It is a secure gated community on over 8,000 acres. 


Kay and Patrick are just two of the people who love to call Lake Arrowhead home. Families of all ages and interests find things they love in the Cherokee County community and has a close proximity to hospitals, theatres and to Reinhardt University. To find out more about living at Lake Arrowhead, visit