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How To Select the Perfect Homebuilder
Tips from a home building industry veteran

With more than two decades under her belt working closely with homebuilding professionals, Carol Morgan knows there are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting an Atlanta homebuilder. As president of Denim Marketing, Morgan creates custom marketing solutions for her clients by familiarizing herself with what sets them apart. The core focus of her strategy is to provide potential buyers with everything they need to know to make an informed decision about which home builder is the best fit for them — just like a favorite pair of jeans (hence the recent rebrand from Flammer Relations, Inc. to better reflect her company’s finely-tailored services.)

Below, Morgan shares her advice for selecting the homebuilder to best suit your wants and needs. Try these simple steps on for size and you’re certain to find a comfortable fit with a leading Atlanta homebuilder.

Get pre-approved. There’s no better way to know how much house you can afford, and it’s especially helpful for first-time buyers. “Just guessing doesn’t cut it, and having a pre-approval in hand really helps builders cater to your needs as far as upgrades,” Morgan says.

Speaking of upgrades… When comparing builders, find out which features are included and which ones are considered upgrades. Model homes are typically loaded up with all the bells and whistles, so it’s important to clarify what is included in the base price. Morgan recommends asking yourself: “What are you willing to sacrifice or do without if it means fitting your new home into your price point?”

Custom or cookie-cutter? Ask builders which home features you would be able to choose and whether feature packages are available. If you are comfortable with sticking to the builder’s design, selecting a less-customizable home may work just fine; however, designers-at-heart looking to move walls, screen in decks and make countless other adjustments should look for a builder who is open to making changes (and can stay within your budget!) This level of flexibility varies widely from builder to builder, Morgan notes.

Stay in the know. How frequently do you want your builder to keep you updated on the process? Are monthly updates OK, or would you prefer a weekly check-in? While some builders are accustomed to working with nervous first-time homebuyers and clients who prefer lots of hand-holding, others may be more hands-off. Consider how involved you want to be from construction through completion.

Make a list. Atlanta has a wide selection of builders from small custom builders to large national builders and everything in between. Now that you know what to consider, keep a list handy of your questions, must-haves and nice-to-haves as you meet with builders. Each builder has its own unique selling proposition, so your list will keep you on track and on the way to finding the best builder for you.