Atlanta: An Employee’s Market

“We are seeing significant growth in the job market. Regardless of industry, Atlanta is a hot job market,” says Larkin Dailey with Snelling Atlanta, a locally owned and operated franchise with locations in Atlanta and Marietta that focuses on temporary, temp-to-hire and career placement for administrative, accounting, HR and other professional positions throughout metro Atlanta. “It’s what we call an employee’s market — there are more open positions than qualified people to fill them. Chances are that, if you’re moving to Atlanta, there’s a position available for you. As more companies move to Atlanta and the industries we have here continue to grow, we expect to see increased opportunities for people coming to our area.”

Afton Lucente with TRC Staffing Services Inc. of Atlanta adds that as of July 2015, Atlanta’s unemployment rate was 5.7 percent, slightly below the state’s overall unemployment rate of 6 percent but slightly higher than the nation’s unemployment rate of 5.3 percent. TRC is a full-service staffing solutions provider with more than 35 years of industry experience. Established in 1980, TRC offers traditional staffing services and professional and technical staffing services. In addition, TRC provides managed services to leading organizations.

“Right now, candidates with specific skill sets are in high demand and are becoming harder to find in Atlanta,” Lucente says. “We have seen an increase in demand for engineers — specifically software engineers and civil engineers and in IT security positions on the technical side. We’ve also had an increase in demand for forklift certified drivers and other warehouse and manufacturing type positions on the commercial side of the business.”

Larkin says her office is seeing a particularly strong demand in logistics and transportation support, the insurance industry and administrative positions, both for traditional offices and healthcare environments. Companies are also hiring more corporate recruiters, which is a definite indicator of volume hiring, she says. Also, available positions in the commercial real estate and property management industries are on the rise.

Your Job Search Q&A
Larkin Dailey, Snelling Atlanta
Q: What are the benefits of utilizing a recruiting firm when looking for a new job?
A: By working with a recruiting firm, job seekers instantly gain exposure to various companies and opportunities. In fact, some companies only hire through staffing firms, which means that you wouldn’t know of any job opportunities within those organizations unless you work with a company like Snelling. For those new to the area, working on a contract basis helps provide a “lay of the land,” as well as an understanding of the culture of various companies and determining what might be a reasonable commute.

We’re seeing a growing trend where companies prefer to hire candidates on a temp-to-hire basis, or they’re filling positions in the short-term with temporary or contract talent. Don’t count out these types of opportunities as a chance to get your foot in the door and demonstrate your value to a potential employer.

Q: Do you believe a recruiting firm can help someone find a job faster?
A: In addition to having access to a wider variety of positions in one place, a professional recruiter can help coach you through the process and will even negotiate the terms of the position on your behalf. By registering with a staffing firm and having a single interview with them, you have the opportunity to be considered for every position that comes across their desk. That being said, we encourage candidates to use all available resources. No single staffing or recruiting firm will represent all of the jobs in the market.

Q: What is the hardest part about finding a job in a new city?
A: Searching for a job in a city where you’ve lived for years and have an established network is already challenging enough. But when you’re new to a city, learning about the corporate culture at different companies and connecting with those in your industry add to that challenge, not to mention other things like understanding the commute and translating the salary expectations here compared to where you lived previously.

Dailey has worked in the staffing and recruiting industry for nearly 20 years, serving as an owner the last 13. She received a Certified Personnel Consultant and Certification in Temporary Staffing. She has also been on the Board of Directors with the Georgia Association of Personnel Services. Learn more at or