Eight Tips to Help Your Pet Settle in Your New Home

Eight Tips to Help Your Pet Settle in Your New Home

Each year, thousands of new residents relocate to the metro Atlanta area. Large numbers of new homeowners and renters also mean that a significant amount of new furry faces are finding their way into one of the largest cities in the Southeast.

Finding your new Atlanta home or apartment is an exciting process. However, the hustle and bustle can cause quite a bit of stress for your pet as they become familiar with their new home. KNOWAtlanta shares the following tips to help you and your pet settle into your new home with ease.

Keep a Routine

Your pet is about to go through a lot of change, and the best thing a pet owner can do is to ensure that their routine remains as uninterrupted as possible. Take your furry friend on a walk at the same time every day, spend quality time with them and feed them regularly.

This small amount of routine will do wonders for your pet’s stress levels during this turbulent time.

Find Opportunities for Your Pet to Run Wild

The first thing you can do after getting settled is to discover your nearest pet-friendly green space so you and your pet can run wild! Find a local trail, dog park or field to play and spend some energy. Your pal will thank you for not only spending quality time with them, but also for bringing them to new spots to explore in your new city.

Prep a Pet Essentials Bag

This is one of the most important tips on this list. A pet essentials bag that is within easy grasp throughout the move will quickly prove itself a lifesaver in the case of any mishaps or emergencies.

Typical items to include in these packs are medication, eco-friendly waste bags, pet wash, toys, blankets and a few water bottles. Keep this within easy reach during the packing, moving and unpacking process. You’ll thank yourself later!

Spread a Lot of Love

Any free moment you can cuddle your pet will reduce your pet’s stress during the moving process. Find several pockets of time throughout your day to sit down with your furry friend to offer plenty of head scratches, belly rubs and playtime.

Become a Homebody

In your first few days in your new home, try to stay at home versus going out to explore your new city. We know this is hard, but it will do wonders for your pet as they begin adjusting to their new home. This is also a perfect opportunity to start a routine and explore your new home and neighborhood together.

Don't forget to give your pet time to adjust to the new environment. Be careful to keep a close eye on your pet so they do not get lost in their new neighborhood.

Be Patient

Patience is fundamental during this stressful time in your life. Pets often exhibit strange personality traits during a move. From acting grumpy to detached, don’t be surprised if your furry friend begins to behave a little funny.

Reduce Stress for Your Pet

It’s normal for your pet to experience stress during the moving process. There are a few things a pet owner can do to try to minimize stress levels as much as possible. Ask friends and family to take care of your pet during the moving process, so you can situate the place before welcoming them home. If this is not possible, doggy day cares or kennels in your new city may have space available to board them.

If neither of those options is attractive, find a quiet room in your home to set up a little oasis with toys and plenty of food and water. If you have a second level, that would be the best spot to house your pet while you organize your new life.

Update Your Pet’s Information

This is the most crucial tip on the list! As soon as you know your new address, take that opportunity to update your pet’s microchip or tag information. Before moving day, sit down with your vet and ask for recommendations for the moving process and a new veterinarian closer to your soon-to-be home.

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