Ensure Your Home is Running Efficiently with SCANA Energy

Ensure Your Home is Running Efficiently with SCANA Energy

When choosing a new home or rental property, factors like price, square footage and location are usually at the forefront of your search. According to SCANA Energy, there are additional elements to consider as you progress through the homebuying process. One pivotal question to ask before finalizing your decision is: does this home have access to natural gas?

Natural gas is energy-efficient and boasts clean-burning properties, making it an environmentally friendly option. SCANA Energy is dedicated to assisting prospective Atlanta homebuyers in determining if their potential residences utilize natural gas and how to leverage its benefits.

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Identifying Natural Gas Usage in a Home with SCANA Energy

Since natural gas is delivered through pipelines from underground sources, it's not immediately apparent whether a home is connected to this energy source just by looking at it. Additionally, a property might use natural gas for some appliances but not others. Here are four reliable methods to ascertain if a home and its appliances are powered by natural gas:

  1. The Stove – Stoves are among a home's most common natural gas-powered appliances. They also happen to be the easiest to inspect! When you turn on the burners, a blue flame indicates the home is equipped for natural gas. If the burner does not produce a blue flame, it's likely powered by electricity.
  2. The Water Heater – Conduct the blue flame test on the water heater as well! Locate the water heater, remove the access panel and check for a blue flame or pilot light inside. The presence of a blue flame confirms that the water heater runs on natural gas, indicating that the home is set up for this energy source.
  3. The Furnace – The furnace plays a crucial role in heating a home and subsequently affects energy bills. Opting for a natural gas furnace can lead to significant savings over a home’s lifetime. To verify if a furnace uses natural gas, locate the bottom of the appliance and look for a black iron pipe emerging from it. This pipe signifies a gas connection, signaling that the furnace operates on natural gas.
  4. The Real Estate Listing – Real estate listings often highlight the presence of natural gas as a selling point, emphasizing its positive impact on a property's value. It's worth checking if the home is equipped with this feature in the listing. Additionally, you can inquire with the listing agent about the property's natural gas amenities.

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What to Do If a Home Is Equipped for Natural Gas

Individuals seeking a natural gas provider in their area can turn to SCANA Energy's user-friendly service map. The company takes pride in its position as a leading natural gas service provider throughout Georgia. Interested parties are encouraged to contact SCANA Energy via phone or online for assistance. The company offers the convenience of initiating or transferring current natural gas service up to 90 days before the scheduled move-in date. Whether setting up a new residence or transferring services, SCANA Energy's service map is a fantastic resource to determine if your new home sits in the company’s covered service area. As Georgia's premier gas service provider, the company prioritizes accessibility.

What to Do If a Home Is Not Equipped for Natural Gas

Natural gas, which many homes use, travels through a complex system of pipes managed by Atlanta Gas Light (AGL). This is where the journey of natural gas begins, and AGL is responsible for deciding when to turn this service on or off.

If you're interested in using natural gas at home, the first step is to check if your home sits in the area served by SCANA Energy. You can easily do this by entering your ZIP code on the user-friendly online map.

If you're in the SCANA Energy service area and need the necessary setup for natural gas, you can contact AGL at 1-800-599-3770 to explore the options for installing the required setup. If a natural gas line is nearby, connecting a service line can be done without any extra cost.

For more information about using natural gas in the home or other energy-related questions, contact the SCANA Energy team at 877-427-4321 or visit www.scanaenergy.com.

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