Tips for Unpacking Your New Home

Tips for Unpacking Your New Home

Setting up a home is one of the most stressful aspects of relocating to a new city. Your entire life sits in endless piles of boxes and it’s hard to know where to begin. Ensure unpacking in your new home is a quick, stress-free event with these tips so that you can explore what metro Atlanta has to offer.

Pack What You Need

Before leaving your previous home, it is important to pack items constantly used by your family to avoid piles of unwanted items and clutter. Once the moving process begins, separate everything you own into three distinct piles: Keep, Donate and Toss.

Be honest about what will serve your family in the new home and donate gently used or like-new items to your local donation center. For items that you intend to toss, determine what may be recycled.

Create A Schedule

Create an unpacking schedule to make the moving process a breeze. Give each day a purpose and work through each room efficiently. If you have access to your home’s floor plan, pre-determine what spaces should be filled first. Experts recommend unpacking the kitchen first and following with the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Place Boxes in Their Correct Rooms

To avoid creating large piles of boxes in the center of your new home, deliver each box from the moving truck into its designated space. This will make the unpacking process smoother, and you’ll thank yourself in the end. Place the boxes with essential items at the center of the room within easy reach to lessen frustrations as you search for needed items.

Research Organization Tips

The internet is a fantastic source to take advantage of when relocating to a new city and home. Set your home up for success and create beneficial habits to ensure your family leads an organized, fulfilled life. Purchase organization items and tools for each room to avoid clutter.

Determine a Room’s Layout

For homeowners fortunate enough to have access to floor plans before the big moving day, chart out where large furniture pieces will sit. Position items that require assembly only when you are confident where they will remain to avoid wasting valuable time.

Save Utilities for Last

Areas such as the garage and basement should be the last rooms on your list during the moving process. These spaces are not worth spending time on until the main areas of the home are settled. Only unpack the necessary tools and materials to set up your new home and save the rest for later.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Moving is such a stressful process that it can be easy to forget to enjoy your new home. Take breaks and plan fun outings to entertain family and friends assisting with the move and explore the metro area. Set aside a few hours a day to try a new restaurant, attend a local festival or explore a nearby amenity to keep everyone entertained during a trying time. KNOWAtlanta is a fantastic resource to discover upcoming events and seasonal activities!

For additional tips to make the moving process a breeze, browse the latest KNOWAtlanta issue. We are the premier destination for relocation tips for new Atlanta residents.