Serenbe-Weekend Escape to Connect and Unwind

Serenbe-Weekend Escape to Connect and Unwind

By Sherry Gasaway

After several weeks of the same wakeup, work, and weekend chores it was time for me and the hubby to get away to recharge the body and mind. For years, I had heard about Serenbe, a spectacular wellness community located just south of Atlanta, from many locals who often said you must experience it for yourself. They all had a certain gleam of happiness on their faces as they talked about family gatherings and weekends they had spent there. My husband and I had a short 40-minute drive with no traffic from the north side of Atlanta. Arriving just in time to take in the farmers market, we found fresh baked muffins that had to be consumed on the spot. Right away, we felt a sense of community and enjoyed watching neighbors and visitors mingle.


From there, we were intrigued by the architecture we saw, as each home had something unique, whether it is an inviting porch or a cobblestone path. There was an Old World feel to each home. The quaintness of the tree-lined streets makes you just want to walk to see what is around the next corner. Serenbe has three developed areas, with each offering its own flair. We drove through each one admiring how the developers managed to maintain the rolling hills and natural landscape of the surrounding area. The newest section, Mado, is a can’t-miss spot thanks to its European style and fresh bright colors that complement the area’s mix of homes, townhomes, office space, apartments and a full-service spa.

Back to our weekend escape, we checked in at The Inn and were greeted with a warm welcome and introduction on all there is to do. The Inn is lovely and very reminiscent of a yesteryear homeplace.  Since we loved the houses so much, we chose to stay in a cottage-style home in the Grange area. We settled right in and enjoyed a glass of wine on the screen porch. I drifted off to a peaceful afternoon nap on the outdoor bed swing.

The home was very comfortable, and since we felt so “by ourselves,” we had plenty of leisure time to just talk and reconnect. Soon, a short drive brought us to The Hill for dinner.  The simple elegance and food right from the Serenbe farm were delicious. Leave some room for a slice of the caramel pudding cake.

The next morning, we awoke to the stillness of our home and sounds of birds all around. All I kept thinking was, “What a great night of sleep.” There really is something to be said about stepping outside of your normal routine to really relax and enjoy beautiful surroundings. It is hard to believe such a place still exists, as our current home is in the northern suburbs of Atlanta where there is sensory overload of residential and commercial development and sounds. Serenbe makes you feel as if you are away from it all.

An early morning hike was first on the list, as we could not wait to get onto one of the numerous trails. We enjoyed a meadow of wildflowers as the sun shone down on the land. Horses grazing, geese wandering, and tranquility abound everywhere you looked. We were ready for a hearty breakfast, and back at The Inn we stuffed ourselves on the full breakfast buffet. They still make biscuits the right way for this Southern girl!

We then decided to visit the animals at the pet farm. The goats and sheep were friendly, and it was a pleasure to see families experiencing farm life for what seemed like their first time. A walk to the lake and yet another opportunity to reflect on the beauty of the land on the bridge that crosses the water finished out the day.

Getting away from it all and taking in the fresh air at Serenbe during our weekend stay left us feeling refreshed. Make sure you add Serenbe to your bucket list of places to go for a weekend. Or perhaps, make the best move of your life and buy a home in this community, which is only 30 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The best way to get to know Serenbe is spend some time there. Start making your plans with a visit to