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Georgia Cyber Academy: Education’s New Virtual Reality

Georgia Cyber Academy

For years, college students across the country have enjoyed the advent of a new educational opportunity: online classes. Allowing for a more flexible experience with a lot of choices, this virtual school concept has become extremely popular. And it has now trickled down to K-12 students, who in many cases are looking for a non-traditional school option. In fact, here in metro Atlanta, parents can enroll their children in the Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), a Title 1 public educational program that is accredited by AdvancED and dedicated to providing a web-based, rigorous, data-driven and truly connected learning environment. It’s an excellent scholastic opportunity without the brick-and-mortar buildings.

Serving students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade, GCA offers a solid academic foundation based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence, which are determined by The Georgia Department of Education Division of Curriculum and Instruction. Students attend classes via an online learning management system, which acts as a single location for students to access everything they need for their academic lives, from obtaining course materials and taking assessments to reviewing their grades and interacting with teachers, staff and their peers. It is a bona fide online community that allows students to fulfill academic requirements in language arts, math, science, history, physical education, art and more with the guidance of certified teachers who provide live, real-time, direct instruction.

What’s more, the experience goes beyond academic basics, with students enjoying a robust school life experience. For instance, elementary students have access to everything from Baking Club and Guitar Club to Young Artists and the Health/Fitness Club. Middle school students can participate in activities like the Book Dragons Club, the Babysitters Club and STEM Gems, among others. And high school clubs include Student Council, the Aspiring Medical Professionals Club, the Coding & Robotics Club, the Geography Club and more. Additionally, students can participate in a number of contests and competitions, such as a spelling bee and a science fair. And while GCA core courses are not NCAA eligible for students who would like to play sports, students can take core courses through a dual enrollment arrangement with the Georgia Virtual School, allowing them to count towards NCAA eligibility.

If you are seeking an individualized and engaging school experience for your child, the world of online learning might be an ideal option for your family. For more information about GCA, including its enrollment procedures, visit