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How to Help Children Adapt and Learn During a Move

Primrose Schools offers tips for helping kids learn while becoming familiar with their new city
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A Guide for Nurturing Good Character Traits in Preschoolers

Primrose Schools offers tips for teaching young children skills like compassion and generosity.
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10 Ways to Reduce First Day of School Jitters

The first day of school is often a nerve-racking time for parents and young children alike. Factor in a new  school in a new city and the day can become even more daunting. Little ones ...
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Good vs. Bad: Learning Through Technology

By Primrose Schools It’s no secret—we live in a world increasingly dependent on technology. Careers, communities and even schools have evolved to include digital technology. However, there is also a wealth of research that shows ...
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3 Steps for Easing Children through Daily Classroom Transitions

By Primrose Schools Taking transitions in stride is a valuable life lesson that can be difficult for little ones to grasp. Parents play a very important role in helping children adapt to change, whether it’s ...
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Three Steps for Building a Great Relationship with Your New ...

By Primrose Schools Many parents agree that finding the right child care provider can be a nerve-wracking and lengthy process. On top of the pressures of moving into a new home, the task can be ...
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Teaching Children About the Importance of Giving Back

As parents, we want our children to soak in as much knowledge as possible early on. But nothing compares to our desire for our children to be good citizens of the world. Character skills like ...