The Wood Acres School: A Foundation of Excellence

The Wood Acres School: A Foundation of Excellence

The Wood Acres School is a well-known and well-respected private school located in Marietta, Georgia. Recently celebrating its 50th anniversary, Wood Acres opened its doors in 1969. The oldest private independent school in the area is now nestled on nine acres of beautiful walking paths and playfields, helping to facilitate the learning and growth of students in many different ways.

The Wood Acres School provides rigorous programs for students from preschool to eighth grade. Students progress through three different programs within the school, starting with Early School (two- to four-year-olds), then Grammar School (kindergarten through fourth grade) and finally Upper School (fifth through eighth grade). The accredited private school prides itself on not only being an International Spanish Academy where arts flourish, but also a robust STEM experiential program.

Kids at Wood Acres SchoolAt Wood Acres, students enjoy the best a school can offer with the perfect student-teacher ratio of highly qualified and experienced educators, state-of-the-art science labs for students beginning in the Early School, three levels of leadership classes in the Upper school and plenty of afterschool and summer enrichment programs.

At The Wood Acres School, it is understood that students of all ages will push themselves to be the best in all aspects of life. Whether it is through self-expression in the arts, calculated thinking in STEM classes or adventurous activity through exploration of the beautiful and scenic campus, Wood Acres prepares students for life. The Wood Acres School logo depicts a Ginkgo leaf, symbolizing longevity and endurance. Just like its logo, well-known throughout the school, this private institution uses a variety of strategies to help students understand their purpose and help them to find a meaningful direction in life.

Not only does The Wood Acres School pride itself on strong academic achievement and extensive learning programs, but also on the impact it leaves on students. For the Leonardo family, The Wood Acres School created an impression that lasted for fifteen years and counting. For this family of five, it was a no-brainer to send all three children to The Wood Acres School. The three students started with the Wood Acres preschool program and worked their way up. The youngest of the group is getting ready to graduate from the eighth grade. The oldest two children pursued similar paths, graduating from Wood Acres in eighth grade and progressing to the Wheeler Magnet Science, Math and Technology High School. Both children currently attend the University of Notre Dame.

“We are not a unique family, having all of our kids attend Wood Acres from preschool through eighth grade, but Wood Acres has provided a unique experience for each of our kids,” said Carrie Leonardo. “Our daughters love coming back to campus to visit their teachers and support their younger brother.”

The Wood Acres alumnae reflected on their experience at the private institution and noted the safe and secure environment it provided, in addition to the experiential and exciting field trips they were a part of. These field trips were just one of the many factors that helped to instill a passion for education in these two college students.

“We have been so happy for the last 15 years knowing our kids are in such a nurturing environment each day,” said Leonardo. “The beauty of the school and openness to the outdoors is just icing on the cake. It will be a strange transition for us not driving to Wood Acres every day next year!”

At The Wood Acres School, the student’s overall experience and passion for learning is a top priority. Children as young as two years old can start the journey to become a passionate and learned individual at Wood Acres. For more information about how to discover more with The Wood Acres School, visit or call (770) 971-1880.