The Best CE classes at Atlanta's Universities-Above and Beyond

The Best CE classes at Atlanta's Universities-Above and Beyond

Metro Atlantans looking to boost their careers, strengthen their knowledge, and upgrade their skills can obtain certifications from colleges and universities throughout Georgia. Many certification programs are embedded as part of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, allowing students or professionals of all ages and at all stages looking to advance their careers to earn certifications to show that they have obtained a higher level of education or completed training for skills in demand. read more


    The MBA Advantage in Metro Atlanta

    MBA courses are designed to sharpen your skill set, no matter how long you’ve been on the job or what your rank is on the company ladder. These programs allow you a chance to interact with peers and leaders in your field whose fingers rest on the pulse of industry innovations — and real-time interaction with existing companies is key to the process. Fortunately, Atlanta boasts many colleges and universities that offer robust MBA programs geared towards busy workers seeking to redefine their goals and abilities—and kick their earning potential into high gear. Here, we’ve cultivated a list of some of the best programs in the city. read more