Bartow County

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Bartow County, Georgia

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Bartow County features the best parts of big city life and small-town living with Civil War and Native American sites, excellent dining experiences, a business-friendly economy, unmatched arts, shopping and excellent educational opportunities.

Major Employers:

  • Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
  • Voestalpine Automotive Components
  • Toyo Tires
  • Cartersville Medical Center
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Trinity Rail

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Bartow County Cities


Adairsville is rich in history and Southern charm. Nestled in a cozy setting, visitors are invited to experience this city once known as Oothcalooga Village and Adair Station.


Located on the Etowah River with Lake Allatoona nearby, recreational and cultural opportunities abound in Cartersville. Established in 1850, this 20,000-resident city has a significant amount of history, including several places in Historic Downtown that have impacted the community like the Grand Theatre, Booth Western Art Museum and Bartow History Center.


Home to the developing 1,300-acre LakePoint Sporting Community, Emerson serves about 1,500 residents and is a gateway to Red Top Mountain State Park, which is surrounded by the area's recreation lake, Lake Allatoona.


Pronounced "you-harley," this city is named after Euharlee Creek, which is a Cherokee name meaning, "she laughs as she runs." Euharlee is the third largest city in Bartow and home to two schools, while also maintaining a police force and fire station.


Sharing the city limits with Polk and Bartow counties Taylorsville serves fewer than 500 residents, but Plant Bowen, a coal-fired power station, is located nearby. The Georgia Power facility has the second largest generating capacity of any coal-fired power plant in North America and the largest in the U.S.


"A City Poised for Growth," Kingston is rich in antebellum history and displays its pride through artifacts, scrapbooks and photographs in two museums maintained by the Kingston Woman's History Club.


Incorporated in 1919, White is named after its first postmaster, James A. White. Many trials and tribulations have come along for the city, but it has continued to grow into a beautiful family-oriented community.

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